Workshop-results of the inclusive research team

the workshop results are presented on a flipchartthe participants are working with iPads

Summary of the workshop from PROQUALIS and PIKSL in Linz

On the first day the PROQUALIS and the PIKSL teams report about their previous experiences and work tasks that were compiled so far.

These include the creation of a wish list, the presentation of personal favorite webpages and the sight of webpages in easy language.  We evaluate what is “important” and “less important” in the internet.

We exchange common experiences concerning the communication among each other.

We communicate with Skye and via email. We set up a WhatsApp group and a Rehacloud for data material.

The research group talks about the work with an Ipad (what is easy / difficult).

Rene and Franziska present the voice input.

On the second day we try the “Book creator” and create a first “test book”.

Cordula presents us the “Sketch Notes”.

Then we look together at the previous results.  Especially the wish list. Therefore Peter Heumader and Klaus Miesenberger join us.  We finalise our wish list.

Afterwards we talk about the next work steps until July.