Are you a peer researcher in the Easy Reading project? Or do you participate in our user testings? Do you have questions or concerns? Then you can reach out to your ombudsperson.

An ombudsperson will help you. She can answer your questions or take them up with other members in the project and try to find a solution.

Questions you can ask your ombudsperson might be:

  • About the data we collect about you
  • About what rights you have
  • About how you feel when you are taking part in the user testing

Germany, Austria and Sweden each have their own ombudsperson, so you can always speak your own language. All ombudspersons have experience working with people who have cognitive disabilities.


Ombudsperson Sweden

Helena is a process leader and educator with focus on alternative communication, accessibility and welfare technology. She has a great experience of working with people with cognitive and communicative disabilities. She is currently working at AllAgeHub, a platform for research and innovation for the Gothenburg region in Sweden that promotes accessible environments and services for people with disabilities and old age.

Contact Helena at
Helena Molker-Lovén
Ombudsperson Germany

Monika is a peer researcher at PIKSL. She has been working at PIKSL for a long time and knows many colleagues very well. She is the contact person for the project staff at PIKSL and helps them with problems and questions.

Contact Monika at

For larger problems, legal questions and external inquiries, Benjamin Freese is available as official ombudsman of the IGL gGmbH.

Contact Benjamin at
Monika Knieper
Ombudsperson Austria

Kerstin has been working in the field of 'Accessibility' for more than 15 years. She works as a research assistant at the Johannes-Kepler University and leads educational and training courses. Kerstin is an expert in plain language / easy reading and customer communication.

Contact Kerstin at
Kerstin Matausch-Mahr