Peer researcher diary

The work of a peer researcher involves many different tasks.

What exactly they do and experience, they can explain best themselves.

Here you can find reports from the Easy Reading peer researchers.

14 February 2020 – Franziska talks about accessibility on the Internet

A woman sitting at a desk, talking

Peer researcher Franziska visits Shadi from W3C in Vienna. She talks about accessibility on the Internet.

Here you can read a report about her experience and watch the whole interview on video.


14 November 2019 – Peer researchers test Easy Reading symbols

Screen with instructions for "Making a good cup of tea".

In the Easy Reading program there are different symbols, e.g. a ruler for the function ” Reading ruler “, with which a line is shown clearly visible. 

The peer researchers of Proqualis test the symbols in the Easy Reading program. And they say which symbols are easy to understand and which are not.

01 November 2019 – New video of the User Tests

Two women and a man sit in front of a laptop.

The peer researchers of Proqualis made a video to show how the Easy Reading program is tested in the user tests.

11 October 2019 – Proqualis starts with user tests

Two women and one man looking together at one laptop in front of them

The peer researchers of Proqualis have started with the first user tests. 

They documented the tests with a short report

and some photos.

11 June 2019 – Preparation for user tests

Three women sitting next to each other in front of one Computer at PIKSL.

The peer researchers of PIKSL are preparing themselves for the user tests. 

How the peer researchers prepare for this task, 

can be seen in a short video. 

29 May 2019 – User tests of the Funka user profile

Computer screen with Easy Reading settings in German. Selection of required tools such as

The peer researchers test the user profile of Funka.

The peer researchers of Proqualis explain

what is done in a user profile test. 

04 to 07 February 2019 – Easy Reading Meeting in Luxembourg


Franziska Mitter is a peer researcher.

Franziska was present at the meeting in Luxembourg.

She wrote a report about the meeting.