Peer Research

What is peer research?

People with cognitive disabilities know best what kind of help they need to better understand a web-page and web-content. They are experts in their own field. This is why they play an important role in the project. User with cognitive disabilities are included in all phases of the project as researchers. 

"The easy reading project is a research project to make the internet easier for people with learning disabilities."
Peer Researcher
"Accessible internet is important for me."
profilepicture Cornelia
Peer Researcher

How are the peer researchers involved in the  project?

  1. They participate in the research to find out which criteria the EasyReading Software needs to fulfill.
  2. They work together with the developers to test and improve the software.
  3. They evaluate the software as users.
"I can't read and need more pictures on the internet to understand things well."
Profile picture Elisabeth
Peer Researcher
"As a peer researcher, I say what is good and what is bad on the Internet."
Profile picture Paolo
Peer Researcher

Why is it important to involve users with cognitive disabilites?

Peer Researchers can inform scientific researchers and developers what is good for them and what issues or areas they should address. The involvement of users ensures that the EasyReading software is easy to use and fulfils the user needs in everyday life.

"Only I can say what is difficult for me."
Peer Researcher
"As a peer researcher who has a disability of his own, I can best contribute my own experiences and perspectives."
Profile picture Dominik
Peer Researcher

Who are our peer researchers for the EasyReading project?

We are working together with 3 groups of Peer Researchers: 

  • DART  (Sweden)
  • Proqualis (Austria) 
  • PIKSL (Germany)
"I work at Proqualis. I think the EU project is very important. It's nice to work with colleagues from all over Europe"
Profilepicture Eva
Peer Researcher

What do our peer researchers have to say about the Easy Reading Program?

Our Peer Researchers have tested the Easy Reading program in various User Tests. Here you can find some first opinions of the Peer Researchers about the program:

"I think Easy Reading is great and helpful."
profilepicture Karl
Peer Researcher
"With Easy Reading I feel more confident on the internet"
profilepicture Christiane
Peer Researcher