Testing Easy Reading Quick and Easy

Some of our Easy Reading tools can now be tested directly on our website.

You do not need to install the program.

How the Easy Reading program works

Step 1

On the right side of the website is the Easy Reading symbol. Click on the symbol to open the tools.

Easy Reading Startseite. Die Hilfen sind auf der rechten Seite geöffnet und die Symbolsprache Funktion ausgewählt.

Step 2

Select a tool e.g. symbol support.

Easy Reading Startseite. Über dem Text befinden sich Symbole.

Step 3

Then click on the part of the page where you need help.

You can use one tool or several tools at the same time.

Have fun testing the different tools!

The Easy Reading tools

In total, there are 16 different Easy Reading tools.

Here are some of the Easy Reading tools introduced briefly:

Smybol Vorlesehilfe

Text to speech

Reads text aloud by using a computer voice.

Symbol Lesemodus


Shows only the content of the page using a simple layout.

Screen ruler

Provides a screenruler to focus on the actual line.

Symbol Texthelp

Texthelp text to speech

This function reads text aloud using a different voice than the text to speech tool.

Symbol Farbpalette


Changes font-color and background-color.

Symbol support

Adds symbols to a paragraph

Pictured Dictionary

Get a explaining picture for a given word.

Word explanation

Get the explanation of a given word.

Helpful links

Here you can learn how to install Easy Reading on your computer:

Installation Easy Reading

Here you can find videos about Easy Reading:

Easy Reading Explanatory Videos

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