Preparation for User-Tests in October

Soon the end-user tests will start. The test will be conducted by PIKSL’s Peer Researchers. They help the end-users to evaluate the Easy Reading Program. To prepare the Peer Researchers for their role as testers, we visited PIKSL last Tuesday (17.09.19).

After lunch we talked intensively about the evaluation of the Easy Reading Program by the end-users.
We discussed:

  • Which groups and people should we approach for the tests?
  • What do we do when unexpected problems arise? For example, if someone does not want to sign the Informed Consent.

During the discussion, the idea came up that it would be a good idea to send the informed consent beforehand. Then the testers can prepare themselves or they can have the form signed by a supervisor.

We also discussed whether or not to help the test persons with the tests and how to determine whether someone really needs help.

At the end Monika, Dominik and Nadja showed with a role play, how to greet a test person, introduce the project and explain the informed consent. In order to better understand what the Informed Consent is, we have decided to include a video in the test preparation.

Three people - two women and a man in a wheelchair - are standing in the PIKSL entrance area. The man greets the woman entering through the door.
The peer researchers Monika and Dominik demonstrate with a role play how the greeting of a test person can look like.
Monika and Dominik sit at a table in front of a laptop. A video of the Informed Consent is opened on the laptop.
Peer researchers Monika and Dominik rehearse how to explain informed consent.

We learned and laughed a lot and made a lot of progress with the preparations for the end-user tests.
We are looking forward to the start of the tests in October.

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