PIKSL wins Zero Award 2020

It’s official – the Easy Reading project partner PIKSL is awarded a Zero Award for its innovative practice in the PIKSL mobile project.
The international competition honours inclusive and innovative examples of best practices every year. In 2020, the theme of the event is “Inclusive Education”.
PIKSL mobil was developed by people with learning disabilities who live in assisted living facilities and wanted to learn more about digital media and how to use it.
In the project, people with learning disabilities act as peer lecturers and explain to small groups in residential facilities or senior citizens’ centres the first steps on the Internet and how to use computers or mobile phones. PIKSL has been awarded as one of 74 global initiatives from around the world. The award ceremony will take place in February at the United Nations in Vienna.

The PIKSL factsheet:

Learn more about PIKSL:
https://piksl.net/ (German)



Illustration of a globe with people holding smartphones up in the air
Source: PIKSL website

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