Linz 11.07.-13.07.2018 – Conference “Computers Helping People with Special Needs” (ICCHP)

The 16th conference on “Computers Helping People with Special Needs” (ICCHP) is taking place in Linz (Austria) from the 11th till the 13th of July. This year the EasyReading project is represented with two talks in Session F “Empowerment of People with Kognitive Disabilities Using Digital Technologies”. It’s discussed how digital technologies can be developed, organized and supported according to the needs of people with disabilities. Current projects and practical approaches are presented by Peter Heumader in his talk about the topic „Requirements Engineering for People with Cognitive Disabilities – Exploring new Ways for Peer-Researchers and Developers to Cooperate“ and by Dr. Susanne Dirks (TU Dortmund, DE), who talks about “Usability Engineering for Cognitively Accessible Software”. The session is led by Cordula Edler (Ludwigsburg, University of Education, DE), Prof. Dr. Christian Bühler (TU Dortmund, FTB Vollmarstein, DE) and Dr. Susanne Dirks (TU Dortmund, DE).

You can finde more information about the conference on the Homepage of the ICCHP.

Cordula Edler, Christian Bühler and Susanne Dirks at the ICCHP conference

Banner der ICCHP Konferenz

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