Easy Reading at the Inclusion Days 2019

Every year in November, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) organises the Inclusion Days.

Last year we presented the Easy Reading project as a good example of digital inclusion. Many people found this project interesting and have been excited about the results since then.

This year we were able to present the Easy Reading Software at the Inclusion Days. The theme of this year’s Inclusion Days was ‘Culture, Leisure, Sports, Tourism’.

We wanted to show the visitors how the Easy Reading program works. The visitors could choose on which website Easy Reading should be tested. Many of the visitors were happy to see that the Easy Reading aids really work on all websites. We received a lot of positive feedback. And of course also some tips and suggestions what you can do even better. We hope that we could win many future Easy Reading users.

Many thanks to all visitors and the organizers of the Inclusion Days!

Inclusion day event building by night

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