About us

Partners were selected in order to address the two concurring aspects of the project:

  • the need of understanding and meeting the requirements of users
  • and the availability of the technology necessary to fulfill them.

Each partner is involved in the areas of research and development of composite parts which greatly reduces the cost and leverages the resources of the project towards creation of a framework and sample tools using that framework.

" In Easy Reading, peer-researchers are working together with researchers and developers. As an occupational therapist and researcher, I work together with peer-researchers in Sweden. We are responsible for user testing in Sweden. We are also responsible for the work package about Ethics, Safety, Privacy and Security. "
Profilepicture Eva Holmqvist
Eva Holmqvist
Dart, Sweden
" I’m the project manager from Funka in this interesting and important project. As always, Funka's effort in each unit of work is the perspective on behalf of all different types of end users and their needs. It´s my responsibility to coordinate and manage Funka's deliverables and work within the project "
Anders Beinhoff
Funka, Sweden
" My role is to ensure that Funka's deliverables follow our own accessibility recommendations and guidelines. With my 19 years of experience as a consulting accessibility expert at Funka, I also try to support the Easy Reading project with my knowledge and the best practices in the work we do together in the different work packages. My favourite quote? There is no such thing as an average users. "
Profile picture Johan Kling
Johan Kling
Funka, Sweden
" As a ux-designer I'm working with the user experience, their interfaces and flows within a project like this. I'm a big fan of usertesting. There is no better way than to listen to the user's needs before analyzing and designing. This project is really spot on for me. I think we are on to something big. "
profile picture Linus Erson
Linus Erson
Funka, Sweden
" I'm a senior backend developer at Funka. My responsibility is to take the lead in the implementations and to ensure that our end solution is meeting our own guidelines. As in this project, being one of many people working together to make the world more accessible is fantastic"
profile picuture Henrik Juhlin
Henrik Juhlin
Funka, Sweden
" Easy Reading offers many different tools to help users understand digital information. To offer help only when it is actually needed, we track the users behaviour and try to determine elevated cognitive load. As a computer scientist, my job is to seek workable solutions in this regard."
Profilbild Stefan Parker
Stefan Parker
"As a curative educator, I support the peer researchers at our weekly meetings in the PIKSL laboratory in Duesseldorf. I take pictures and videos to document our work in the research project and for dissemination."
Profilepicture Tim Neumann
Tim Neumann
" What I like about Easy Reading is that people from very different backgrounds are working together: Software developers and educators, Peer Researchers and scientists - everyone with the goal of making the Internet more accessible. "
Profilepicture Ingo Bosse
Ingo Bosse
TU Dortmund
" To develop easy-to-use software in the Easy Reading project, peer researchers and developers have to work together very well. As a rehabilitation technologist, I am responsible for an appropriate and meaningful exchange between developers and peer researchers. As a scientist, I am responsible for the scientific dissemination and exploitation of the project results. "
Profilepicture Susanne Dirks
Susanne Dirks
TU Dortmund
" At Texthelp we provide easy to use, and useful software tools for people with dyslexia, people learning or working in a second language - or just learning read. I’m interested in new technologies, and where those new technologies may intersect with the classroom and workplace. With my working experiences and my interests in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, IOT, Sensors, Scalable Computing and Information Security, I’m helping to develop an Easy Reading Software that is accessible for everyone. "
Martin McKey
"To maximize impact and sustainable contribution to the community, key results from Easy Reading project are integrated into the guidance and standardization from W3C. Together with Steve Lee, we are responsible for this transfer and integration. As the W3C Accessibility Strategy and Technology Specialist, I'm responsible for coordinating efforts between the project and W3C activities"
Profile picture Shadi
Shadi Abou-Zahra
"I'm W3C staff developing W3C resources on accessibility for people with cognitive and learning disabilities. These resources include guidance documents, the W3C WAI website and potential success criteria of WCAG 2.2 onwards. They are developed through a multi-stakeholder consensus processes involving experts in user requirements and technical developments. I lead integration of learnings from the project into the development of W3C standardization and guidance, to contribute to a broader impact."
Profile picture Steve
Steve Lee
Square puzzle with 9 puzzle pieces. In Each piece is the name of one project partner: JKU, text help, funka, TU Do, dart, ecrim, ki-i, Athena and igl