10.04.2019 – Easy Reading at the State Disability Advisory Board NRW

In NRW (Germany) we have an advisory board for people with disabilities.
The advisory board only includes people with disabilities.
For example, people who cannot see, hear or walk.

The advisory board talks to many important politicians.
They say what people with disabilities need.

People with disabilities know best:
– What is good for people with disabilities?
– What is bad for people with disabilities?
– What kind of help is needed?

The Advisory Board advises the State Government Commissioner for People with Disabilities.
Her name is Claudia Middendorf.
Claudia Middendorf and the Advisory Board meet regularly.
Current topics are discussed in the meetings,
that are important for people with disabilities.
The advisory board gives Claudia Middendorf its opinion on these topics.

Susanne Dirks was invited to the last meeting on Wednesday, 10.04.2019.
She talked about the Easy Reading project.

Susanne Dirks presented:

  • What is Easy Reading?
  • What is being done in the project?
  • Who is Easy Reading for?

After the lecture there were many questions.

Important questions were:

  • Who can Easy Reading help to understand websites more easily?
  • Is Easy Reading only for people with learning disabilities
    or does it also help people who can’t hear?

There were many different opinions.

We would like to thank you for the invitation
and the many interesting conversations

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